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Top 10 List

From the Headquarters in Azusa, California.
(in the spirit of David Letterman)

Top Ten Reasons To Order Genuine Products From S&S Engineering.

#10 The half a pound difference between copycat buttons and dzus buttons on your racecar is equal to the extra $5 concession-stand cheeseburger the driver had for lunch.
#9 You have better things to do with your time then to waste it "blue-printing" a copy cat supplier's button so it will work properly.

People who tell you to "cut weight at all costs" can't see a tenth of a second past their gram scale.

#7 At 432 mph you don't need a fatigued imitation button to say "AMF (Adios M@#$%&F*%$#@)," and leave at a rapid rate of departure.
#6 Why worry about details?... because your competition does.
#5 Cheap parts are cheap.
#4 How many times have we told you, THE "D" IS SILENT!
#3 If you don't, the Greek God namesake will be really really mad at you.
#2 To quote Wilford Brimley, "It's the right thing to do and a tasty way to do it."
  And the #1 reason to order genuine products from S&S Engineeering; We don't bite.